Consumer Buying Guide For Impact Windows

Today, home experts are recommending impact windows for residential and commercial buildings. Traditionally, these types of windows also known as impact resistant windows were recommended for homeowners living in hurricane-prone zones.

Times have changed today as experts still recommend impact windows for your home even if you are not living in a hurricane-prone area like Miami Florida. This is because impact windows Miami FL come with other benefits such as protecting your window glasses from shattering, improved energy efficiency, UV protection and value addition to your house.

Whether you are planning to install windows on your new home or upgrade your existing windows, hurricane windows will be a better choice. Buying these windows, however, needs a keen eye and knowledge on their properties for the best performance. Below are some important tips that will ensure that you get the best value for your money when buying new impact resistant windows:

Impact resistant

Storm windows should basically reduce damage to your home. When making window replacements, for your house, ensure that the new windows will resist impact to keep your family and household items safe. Though hurricane windows may break, the shards will not fly and cause injuries. The windows will also prevent wind pressure from causing interior damage.

Energy efficiency

Whenever buying hurricane windows, ensure that they are energy saving. Quality hurricane-resistant windows guard against strong winds and have insulating properties that prevent warm sun rays from getting in your house and reduce heat loss in cold seasons. This is because they have laminated glass that features a plastic interlayer. This design reduces the workload on your air conditioning devices hence low energy bills.

Protection level

Before you buy replacement windows that will withstand harsh hurricane weather, consult with your insurance company and know your local building code so as to determine the amount of protection required in your area. Your insurance company will give you premium discounts on any wind damage.


Buy easy to install impact windows to save installation costs if you are not prepared to hire a professional window installation contractor. It’s however, important to make use of professional service as an inspector will have to check the window if you install it yourself.


Top–quality hurricane windows are designed to protect your home from burglaries and vandalism. Ensure that your impact-rated windows are strong enough to withstand intrusion or smash attempts since their replacement can be very expensive.

Buying impact resistant windows from reputable dealers will guarantee you quality products and other cost-saving offers.